Back to the comp floor


Back to the comp floor

Much like the CrossFit Games…I’m back. I haven’t written a real post in what seems like forever.

The 2020 CrossFit Games is actually happening this weekend – much like 2020, it’s gonna be different and weird. But it’s happening.

I think the upheaval at CrossFit HQ in May was probably needed. Greg Glassman built the company with his ideas and chutzpah. His quick, mean, wit got him into big trouble, but I think the real driver was the Crossfit Games. The old CEO was kind of like a genius drunk uncle. He built this incredible thing into a billion dollar, but he was pissed that his nephews took part of it a built something just as cool, a billion dollar sport, on its back. Our crazy old uncle punished them by relegating them to the kids table. But the kids wouldn’t be denied, and when the crazy drunk uncle got kicked out of the party for getting drunk and saying horrible things, the kids were ready. They were ready to bring their cool toy back – this time with a smooth talking, good looking uncle that loved everyone equally.

The bottom line, I hope is that CrossFit, the Games, the medical integration, focusing on the sick, elderly and deconditioned – these ideas can all live together under the big, beautiful CrossFit tent. Is there a way for the Games athletes to be the “leaders” or shining examples of the possibility of fitness? Of course! Is it possible for an older dude in a walker to use constantly varied functional movement performed at a (relatively) high intensity to get his life back? Hell yes! For a 300 pound woman to do the same? you betcha! Are these things mutually exclusive? Hell no!

Can you get overly involved in the competitive aspects of CrossFit? Oh. Hell. Yes you can. But it’s a good experience to go through. Wanting to succeed so bad you lose sleep, over doing it, these are all great experiences in being a human. As coaches, we want to give you the opportunity to learn and grow.

We will be “giving” you this opportunity in the very near future. Please pay attention to the CrossFit Oakdale Facebook page and pay attention to some in gym announcements. We will “speakeasy” about it…

Workout of the Day


15 Box Jumps 24/20

Lunge Walk around your box (it’s about 12 steps)

9 Chest to Bar Pullups