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We hope you folks had a great spring break, visit this even if it lasts for another day here in Oakiedale.  Here’s the plan for the week:
Mon – Press Complex
Tues – Back Squat, 5RM week 8
Wed – Snatch work
Thur – Sweet running/conditioning WOD
Fri – Pullup/Dip OTM
Workout of the Day
Press Complex, Week 7 of 8
In 15 minutes, build to a heavy complex of 2 Shoulder Press, 1 Push Press with a 3 second hold at the end.
10 Pullups
10 Push Press
10 Push Jerk
Men – 95, Ladies – 65
Yes, there is a difference between a Push Press and a Push Jerk.  If you have been doing CrossFit for more than a few months, you should understand the distinction and why/when either lift can be useful.