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So, seek while I’ve been away, site I’ve notice people have been lifting some big weights.  I got to play at CrossFit King of Prussia over the weekend – they are a great group of folks and do things the right way.  Big thanks to Aimee Lyons, Giula, Miranda and crew for making me feel at home as I grunted, yelled at barbells and flopped around.  And yes, I hit a lifetime Snatch PR and totaled over 500 pounds for the first time ever.  So, I guess thanks you CrossFit KoP, but thank you CrossFit, too.

We’ll be finishing the Whole Life Challenge this week, so why not start a new strength program?  Like before, Louis and I have come up with something that meets the needs of the gym, getting us stronger, more durable and more efficient.

We will do a Snatch and Clean and Jerk OTM, much like the one we did yesterday.  You will have 10 minutes to work to a weight, approximately 70% of 1RM, and do 2 reps OTM for 7.  We will do this one Monday’s and Friday’s.

On Tuesdays  we will do a Back Squat in which we will build to a heavy triple, then drop 20 pounds and do 2 sets of 5.  Like most programs, I suggest you start conservatively, and build steadily over the 6 weeks.

On Thursdays, we will do a Deficit Clean Grip Deadlift for 3 sets of 6 and Front Squat, 4 sets of 3.  This weights should be heavy, but you should be working quickly and going by feel – more on this later.

Yes – there will be strength training 4 days a week.  Wednesday’s will become our big “conditioning” WOD day.  Expect Girls, Hero’s, Open, Regional and Games WODs that can be scaled to your ability level.

Finally, I am toying will doing a quick heavy session every Saturday at 10am, as a “warm up” for the 10am or a “cool down” for 9am.  Here’s what I want to do: we pull the lift out of a hat, and you get 15 minutes to build to a heavy single.  You get no more than 15.  Lifts that I am considering for the “hat” – the Olympic Lifts, Deadlift, Back Squat, Front Squat, Bench Press, Max Weighted Pullup.  That’s about it.

Throwback to 2014 and the badass ladies of KOP

Throwback to 2014 and the badass ladies of KOP

Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, Week 1 of 6

Back Squat

In 12 minutes, build to a

Heavy Set of 3

Then, drop 20 pounds, and do

2 Sets of 5


“Wallball Fran”

30 Wallball Shots 20/14

21 Pullups

20 Wallball Shots

15 Pullups

10 Wallball Shots

9 Pullups