Athlete Spotlight – Blaize M.


Athlete Spotlight – Blaize M.

CROSSFITTER of the Month/ SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE at CFO 1- How long have you been a member at CFO?
I have been a member at CFO for roughly a year and a half.
2- How long have you been CrossFitting?

Two years total, while living in the Fresno/Clovis area I did CrossFit for about 6 months at Certus Crossfit in Clovis.

3- How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you?

I was introduced to CFO by my brother who use to attend. I realized CrossFit was for me when it made me excited to work out. I have always enjoyed all types of physical activity but was getting extremely bored going to a traditional gym and was looking for more.

4- What advice would you give to somebody just starting CrossFit?

Push everyday to get better, even if its only baby steps, it will happen overtime.

5- What do like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?

The people hands down! Always friendly and willing to teach.

6- I have always wanted to…..

Be in a fighter jet when it takes off of an aircraft carrier, I can only imagine that adrenaline rush.

7- One word people use to describe me: Happy
8- Outside of the gym I like to…..
Snow Skiing, Camping, Traveling, and helping people buy or sell Real Estate! 9- Three things in my fridge:
Eggs, Bacon, and Pepperoncini’s
10-The last thing you ate:
BBQ Chicken Salad


11- Something no one knows about me or would be surprised to know:

I had open heart surgery as an infant, and now work per diem as a Surgical RN at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera on the open heart team. Full Circle.

12-Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale: Snow Skiing and Running.
13- Favorite place to eat:
Bistro 234 in Turlock

14-Proudest accomplishment:

My wife and I are about to have our first child (a daughter) in less then six weeks!

15-If you could invite anybody to dinner:

Ed Mylett, he is an entrepreneur, author, has a podcast, etc. The guy absolutely crushes all aspects of life.

16-Favorite workout attire:

Nano’s, shorts, and a shirt. Usually a hat as its 5:00 AM when I leave for the gym.

17-What kind of music do you like to work out to?

Any! I just like the volume to be up!

18-Where is your Favorite vacation destination?


19-What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movement?

Favorite – Power Cleans Least – Overhead Squats

20-What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Nothing too crazy, speeding tickets, I always had to pay for the tickets but my parents covered the insurance so I am sure they didn’t appreciate the increase in cost.

Workout of the Day


Bench Press

4 Sets of 8+ at 60%



10 Toes to Bar

25ft Handstand Walk

50ft Walking Lunge