Assault and Battery

Above is a KB weighted walk.  Simple.
Tuesday will be a test that comes from the world up north.  Those Canadian fitness freaks (who relocated to Arizona like 4 years ago) at OPT, now OPEX, came up with this on.  They call it the Battery test.
Basically, how quickly does your battery recharge when doing heavy, powerful movements.
We did this a few weeks ago on a Saturday and it was fun.  Lots of heavy lifting, banging weights and grunting.  With all that, it still wasn’t heavy enough.  I would rather see an athlete lift heavy every 20-30 seconds and get 20 hard earned reps that touch and go something that they have done before.  The sweet spot in a rep every 15-20 seconds.  If you are getting in the high 40s to 50s, you have gone to light.  If you did this 2 weeks ago, add some weight and go again.
Workout of the Day
As many Power Cleans as possible in 8 minutes.  Use 80% of your 1RM Clean and Jerk.  Bottom line – this should be heavy.  The target range is 30-40 reps.  50 is too many – you need to go heavier.
4 Rounds, for reps
40s KB Front Rack Carry
20s Rest
40s sit ups
20s rest
40s KB Farmers Carry
Choose a weight that works for you.  Each pass of the walk (about 50ft) counts as 1 rep.