And now for a change-up


And now for a change-up

We are mid-Open. For CrossFit athletes, this is our mid-season. We still need to work hard, but I don’t want to burn you out too much before a really challenging workout on Friday or Saturday.

Sometimes I get it right, some times I don’t. You may have noticed I’ve eased off the lifts slightly. That will continue. There are some big moves you can still expect: pullups, burpees, muscle ups, maybe the snatch and the thruster. We will practice the thrusters every week until they come up.

Also, I am going to throw something a little weird at you – the Toe to Bar pullup. Literally, do one Toe to Bar, then without dropping, do a pull-up, That’s one. Then do one TTB, and without dropping, do one pullups. Then TTB into a pullups. Thats’s 2. The workout does not go 2 TTB, 2 pullups. It’s TTB pullup, TTB pullups.

Ideally, your Toe to Bar Pullups only counts if you don’t drop between the TTB and the pullup. You can drop after the pullup, just not between the TTB. This really teaches an efficient kip – to get and stay tight.

To scale, do a knee up, then put your feet down and do a jumping pullup.

Workout of the Day

Front Squat

Build to a heavy 3 in 15 minutes

15 minutes is not a lot of time. It’s not time to PR, just move some weight.



Thruster 95/65

Toe to Bar Pullup