Action Packed Events


Action Packed Events

We have several events coming up at CrossFit Oakdale – so many that I’ll be splitting them into 2 posts.
The 60 Day Pushup Challenge Starts on Tuesday, ask May 14. There is a $10 buy-in and prizes will be given out July 15th at the final challenge day ceremony. You will be doing these pushups on your own and on your HONOR. Please mark your name on the calendar above the couch each day that you have completed the pushups. The 1st day you will do 1 pushup, prescription the second day is 2 pushups…up to the last day when we will do 60 together. If you miss a day…like day 24, information pills then the next day you will have to do 49 pushups. This is a great challenge with some pretty real results, so if you feel like you lack in the pushup department come join us!
Wednesday will be the benchmark WOD “Diane.”  The gym record is 2:09.  I’d love to see that go down.  I’ll do a strategy post on Tuesday night.  We’ll be discussing scaling as well, as the handstand pushups make this a “higher skill” WOD than Fran or Grace.
On Wednesday, I will hold a muscle up clinic at 7:30pm.  It should last about an hour.  Even if you don’t think you are close to a muscle up, come on by.
If you feel out of the loop on CFO Events, ALWAYS check the Facebook Event Page!
The CrossFit Games NorCal Regionals are at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds May 24-26th.  Nick and I will be competing for a spot in the CrossFit Games in 7 grueling WODs over the 3 days.  We’ll have a big crew cheering on the athletes, having some cocktails in the sun and talking trash.  I can’t wait!
On Memorial Day, which is Monday, May 27th, CrossFit Oakdale will perform the Hero WOD “Murph.”  We will only have 1 WOD that day, the gym will open at 9:30am and we will kick it off at 10am.

That's right~ Musical Medicine Balls!

That’s right~ Musical Medicine Balls!

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
Build to a heavy 3 in 20 minutes
“Death by Pulling and Jumping”
With a continuously running clock, do 1 pull-up and 1 box jump (24/20) in the first minute, 2 pullups and 2 box jumps in the second minute, 3 pullups and 3 box jumps in the third minute until you are unable to complete the required number of reps in that given minute.
For scaling pullups, use ring/bar rows.  Jumping pullups have too much jumping, and the band will be too slow.