A Shankle Lesson


A Shankle Lesson

I was talking to Jill tonight about injuries to the throat. If you pull the barbell hard enough, some times you pull it so hard it ends up “in your f***ing throat.”

If you ask Donny Shankle, this is where the barbell belongs. Who is Donny Shankle? The Shankle, whom I never met, is an American weightlifter that was on California Strength from 2008 to around 2012. He won national championships and lifted for Team USA. He was a great weightlifter. But before the age of Instagram, Shankle appeared on Youtube videos for California Strength. He had a baritone voice, and spoke slowly with a strange accent. Shankle was prone to witticisms and strange stories with bizarre punch lines. He had the mind of an artist, the words of a poet and the heart of a warrior. He lifted in wife beaters, Hanes t shirts or, mostly, shirtless. Legend has it Shankle was great at Call of Duty, but only played with a knife.

I could write a bunch of great Shankle quotes, but it’s not the same as listening. Google his name. Just listen to the dude talk weightlifting. Or just talk. There’s a great video about hand care out there (it’s 12 minutes long). Or Shankle gets mugged. Or Shankle does Grace – in jeans and boots. My favorite is him discussing his career in a parking lot. From minute 3 to 5 is so good.

Workout of the Day

10 Bar Muscle Ups

10 Overhead Squats 135/95

20 Chest to Bar Pullups

20 Overhead Squats 95/65

40 Pullups

40 Overhead Squats 75/55