A Look Back

I posted the video of this WOD last night.  It is a light one, sales with a lot of reps.  Even though the Deadlift is light, # approved you may need a bit of a plan as you work your way through 150 reps. But I’m pretty sure this is a pushup WOD.
Call me old fashioned, story but I still love those old CrossFit videos, circa 2006-2007.  Sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn, doing the WODs in a Globo-gym with the Gym, Tan, Laundry crowd, the gym in Santa Cruz seemed so free and different.  What is common place now seemed a world a way – bumper plates, dropping the bar, shirt off.  It felt like punk rock.  At that point, I don’t think I had ever seen a dude with a flat brim hat and tattoos, least of all exercising like his life depended on it.  I was working out with tanned up guys in wifebeaters and Brooklyn blow out hairdos.  I am sure I did this Deadlift/Pushup WOD on the video with metal plates and dudes staring at me as they did bicep curls in the squat rack.  CrossFit in that old gym all felt so California-y to me, it might as well been on Mars.
About a year later in 2008, I was here.  Maybe not in Santa Cruz, but close enough.  If you consider Modesto close enough to Santa Cruz.  All I knew it was hot, dry, and parking was easy.  I was sweating it out in a gym (warehouse) in Modesto, shirt off, dropping bars.  Most important, the people were great.  I still don’t have tattoos, but I am getting more comfortable with flat brim hats.  The crazy thing is, the gym that was built with my wife and friends name is on that flat brim hat.  Life is crazy and awesome.
Workout of the Day
15 Deadlift 135/95
15 Pushups
30 min time cap