A great story.


A great story.

You may not have met Terri Taylor yet – unless you grew up in the Oakdale School System. She has quickly become a staple in the 9am class. She is always ready for a game or challenge, has just completed her second CrossFit Open (in her first year of CrossFit) and can costume it up with the best of them.

Thank you to Terri for putting these thoughts together. She is truly an inspiration to everyone out there who may think CrossFit is too intense or too intimidating. Just show up with a smile and the results will come!

A little over a year ago, I joined CrossFit Oakdale. My friend, Conney, had been asking me to come to CrossFit for YEARS, but I had excuses…too tired from work, too fat, too out of shape, too __________ (fill in the blank). I had a gift certificate that was close to expiring (yes, I had procrastinated for eleven months), and I was newly retired, so I knew if I didn’t do it then, I never would. So, I went to my first class, filled with trepidation. Fast forward one year…I just turned 57, and I am feeling great! I have gained strength and mobility, lost weight (20 lbs.), cut my blood pressure medication in half, and made some awesome new friends! Alison (owner/coach) has become one of my favorite people, because of her positive spirit and genuine desire to help me get healthy and strong. My life is truly better because of CrossFit Oakdale. Try it!

Workout of the Day

15 Snatch 95/65

12 Snatch 115/75

9 Snatch 135/85

6 Snatch 155/95

3 Snatch 185/115

Ideally, you will only need 10s, 25s, 45s, ladies 5s, 10s, 15s, 25s. Do the lifts, add weight, at the 135/85 bar, strip and add the 45/25.

20 Minute Cap