6 Weeks of Celebrations?!?


6 Weeks of Celebrations?!?

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This week is Thanksgiving. I couldn’t be more grateful for all that is in my life. I am surrounded by people who are thoughtful, fun, strong and ready for anything that gets thrown at them. I am ready for some end of the year fun, parties and upcoming white elephants. I am ready to say good bye to 2022 and roll gracefully into 2023. 

What I am  not ready for is the disruption of schedules and the flood of the 3 C’s – cookies, candies and cocktails – that I might not have the willpower to stave off. 

Changes in schedule – kids home from school or time off of work- can be enough to throw life out of whack. Now we add in more time needed to cook & clean, holiday shopping and of course spending time with loved ones (not a chore BTW.) 

Where do we put our self care and fitness into this 6 week mix? In the words of the guy in red – 

Make a list and check it twice. 





Self Care

Tip #1

Now is the time to look at your calendar and sign up for classes. Once your gym schedule is set, know that when you did it, you did it with intention. You made a choice to get onto MindBody and sign up for a class. Carry that through. It might be cold and dark out, or you had a long day, but your health is a priority and skipping your regularly schedule gym time in the next 6 weeks becomes a slippery slope. 

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