50+ hours in…so many more to go!


50+ hours in…so many more to go!

So, ampoule I’m about 50 plus hours into this Paleo challenge.  I’m interested in your experiences.  Cravings, adiposity headaches and moodiness are all things I’ve experienced starting new diets and I’m curious about your experiences.  Please post your thoughts to the Facebook comments associated with this post.
Personally, I feel great.  My cravings are minimal and my mood and energy have been consistent.  I’ve only done 1 workout though, we’ll see what happens when I begin loading work.
I haven’t followed a true nutrition plan in over a year, and I know my diet got away from me.  I’ve done Paleo for periods before and I followed the Zone religiously for 2007-2009.  Almost immediately upon starting this challenge, I remember what eating 100% clean feels like – I really don’t want to screw it up.
For me, the biggest thing is being prepared.  Packing for the day at work with plenty of clean foods that I can consume when hunger strikes is the best way for me to stay on target.  That and having a kick ass wife that knows what we need to keep this thing going.

Desiree PR'ed with pullups in her workout on Monday!

Desiree PR’ed with pullups in her workout on Monday!

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Add 5-10# to you last lift.  Session 4 of 6.
400m run
35 pushups
21 pullups