What is your "Crack"?


What is your "Crack"?

Dopamine: Why 1 bite doesn’t work. We’re 2 days into the CrossFit Oakdale Paleo Challenge. I have been a by-stander in a couple of Paleo challenges, view but this is my first one. I have reaped some of the benefits, as Alison went through some challenges, but I never surrendered to the process completely.
Why? I think this article provides many of the answers. As an athlete, I always enjoyed the reward system of hard work followed by a treat. I know now I’m a huge reward guy: it’s why I like competitions. I can lock it up for a week to two, then eat like I’m going to the chair knowing I worked hard. Even though this feels healthy, it probably isn’t. I enjoyed the Zone, because after the first 2-4 weeks, if you went off the reservation, you could quickly right the ship by eating Zone meals.
One of the reasons I didn’t want to start a challenge is because of the withdrawal symptoms described in the article, which the writer calls “Toxic Hunger”. I experienced this starting the Zone, and there’s a great CrossFit Journal about this experience called, “Getting Off The Crack”. Aside from the crying (well, maybe a little crying), this is close to how I felt. Admittedly, the Paleo diet is different, but I am still going to have to fight the insulin monster to start.
I will also admit I’m nervous about the accountability required in the challenge. I’m curious how I’ll react during busy work days when I get ravenously hungry. One thing I’ve said since we decided to open a gym was that I wanted to lead by example. I want my google doc to be something I’m proud to show people. A big reason I am doing this challenge is to dial in my nutrition before the CrossFit Games Open. I’m hoping that peer pressure, coupled with my desire to perform at a high level, keeps me honest.

What are you fueling with?

Workout of the Day

21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
Deadlift 225
Handstand Pushup