2024 Burpee Challenge – Love-Hate Relationship


2024 Burpee Challenge – Love-Hate Relationship

Week 1: Get ready to kick off this love-hate affair with burpees! Start with a Tabata and focus on perfecting your form. 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 7 days. Embrace the burn in your muscles as you lay the foundation for the weeks ahead. Love the challenge, hate the comfort zone!

Week 2: Rise and Shine: As the number of burpees increases (and the time domain,) so does your strength and endurance. Try out an early morning workout and the satisfaction that comes with pushing through. Love the sunrise sweat, hate the excuses!

Week 3: The Grind: You’re in the thick of it now. Take the average of your highest # of burpees from last week. If you hit 100, divide that by 10 and you will get your number for this week. Use that number and use it for every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. The novelty may wear off, but your commitment is growing stronger. Love the grit, hate the doubt. Push yourself through the grind, and remember that every burpee is a step closer to better endurance.

Week 4: Mental Toughness: Burpees not only test your physical strength but also your mental resilience. Love the mental challenge, hate the self-doubt. It’s time to dig deep, find your inner strength, and conquer the mental hurdles that come with each rep. Add 1 rep for every minute for the EMOM 10.

Week 5: Team Spirit: You might need to can in reinforcements by the time you hit week 5. Call a friend, roomate or loved one to do your burpees with you. FaceTime burpees could be fun if your buddy is not local. Love the camaraderie, hate the isolation. Together, you’ll push each other to new heights. The shared struggle makes the burpee journey a little easier to bear.

Week 6: Celebration of Victory The final week is here, and you’ve come a long way. Love the accomplishment, hate the idea of giving up. Celebrate your victories, both big and small, and reflect on the love-hate journey you’ve embarked upon. You’ve conquered the burpee challenge!

Print out the calendar (link to download below the images) and track how many burpees you do over the 6 weeks. Most burpees wins!

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Remember, the love-hate relationship with burpees is a metaphor for embracing challenges in life. Love the process of growth, and let the hate fuel your determination to overcome obstacles. Cheers to your six weeks of burpee triumph!