2013 Lurong Living Paleo Challenge


2013 Lurong Living Paleo Challenge

We are excited to be participating in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge.  In the past, cialis 40mg CrossFit Oakdale has organized our own Paleo/Nutrition challenges, order and we thought it would be a fun change to do one on a greater scale.  The Lurong Challenge is all-emcompassing – it involves nutrition, thumb workouts, lifestyle and more in a scored environment.  There are Regions, Master’s Divisions, Skill levels and more.  There is literally something for everyone here.
Check out the tab on the left side of the CrossFit Oakdale site, but here is a link to the Lurong rules page.  Many of your questions can be answered here – including the all important “what can I eat.”
We will hold an participant briefing in early September before the challenge to address any questions and concerns.  Alison and I will be doing this challenge with you.
Saturday Challenge WOD #3
For time
30 Front Squats 165/115
20 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Muscleups
6 minute Cap

Jeff is ready for Saturday's Muscle Up WOD!

Jeff is ready for Saturday’s Muscle Up WOD!

Workout of the Day
Halting Snatch
On your first pull, pause for a 2 count just BELOW the knee, then perform a Snatch
400m Run
7 Snatch 135/95