2013 Eat Well, Live Better Challenge 7:30pm 1/2/13


2013 Eat Well, Live Better Challenge 7:30pm 1/2/13

CrossFit Oakdale is back to a regular schedule starting tomorrow!  We hope you had a great holiday and are fired up to train hard in 2013!
The CFO Eat Well, more about Live Better Challenge briefing is at 7:30pm on Wednesday.  We hope to see you there.  Please make sure you have your check for the body fat testing.  The BF testing is on Saturday between 8am-12pm.
This is a shortened week for our strength training.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t be moving heavy stuff.  Wednesday will be the final day of the Deadlift 5RM.  Be ready to pick up heavy stuff safely.  As the weights get heavy, have a target weight in mind and a plan to get there.
We will be Back Squatting on Friday and will be starting a heavy 3×3 based on 65% of your 1RM HBBS.  We will begin an 8 week build on HBBS 3×3, and we will also be Front Squatting every week – that’s 2 days a week of heavy squatting through January and February.
I’ll be posting next week on the CFO plan leading up to the 2013 CrossFit Games seasons.

Sandy ringing in the new year with a Jerk.

Sandy ringing in the New Year with a Jerk.

Workout of the Day
Deadlift, 5RM
This is our last week on this build.  Go for it, but remember: chest up, flat back and pull through your heels.  Christmas is over, so no Candy Canes (backs, that is).
21 Doubleunders (Sub 10 attempts)
7 Pullups