16.4 recap


16.4 recap

16.4 has been one of the most fun workouts of the Open – in my opinion everyday.  16.1 was 20 minutes of misery, for sale and 16.2 and .3 were technically challenging enough that only the most skill were able to make a dent and really work hard.

16.4?  Even if you didn’t get past the rower, side effects you got kicked in your fitness teeth.  And that’s what why we wear all this CrossFit stuff anyway, right?

The last workout will be announced Thursday.  I gotta beat my chest a little – texted my prediction for 16.4 at 9am or so Thursday morning – I had a 15 minute AMRAP chipper of Deadlift at 225/155, Wallball, Box Jump and HSPU, 50 reps of each.  I was off by 1 movement, 5 reps of each, and 2 minutes on the duration.  Unless you predict a repeat, you’re not getting any closer.  Unless you do.

Predicitons?  I have one.  If you don’t like Thrusters, quit now.  I predict 125 Thrusters 95/65 for time.


Workout of the Day



Thrusters 95/65

After each set, do 30 Doubleunders

If you can’t do DU, do 60 singles.  But after today, it’s back to attempts.

In the remaining time in class, perform a Max Effort

Squat Clean