14.3 Recap


14.3 Recap

14.3 has come and gone.  We had some great scores!  Don hit 141, help putting him back in the hunt for the Master’s Qualifier.
 A bunch of fellas hit 130 (Paul, diagnosis Denny, Bob, Kirk, Thomas)  and Justin Melo hit 135
 Robin came up huge with 130 and was ranked 68th in the world in her category.
And I hit 143, and I am back on the bubble for a CrossFit Regional qualifying spot.
Beyond that, Patty PR’ed her deadlift 14 times as she pulled 155 in 14.3.  Great job!
We saw great bounce backs after the challenging work in 14.2.
I would like to remind you that we followed the Cube in the months leading up to the Open.  I’m glad we did, as the heavy lifting really paid off in the later rounds of this.
I said it last week, but I think this may have been the toughest Open WOD ever.  The game is changing…again.

Sarah transitions on 14.3 with a smile.  Crazy

Sarah transitions on 14.3 with a smile. Crazy

Workout of the Day
Clean and Jerk
Take 10 minutes to warm up.
3 Clean and Jerk OTM for 6 minutes. 70%-75% of 1RM
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
10 Burpees
20 Walking Lunge Steps