1 Million Meters or “Never met a challenge she wouldn’t crush.”


1 Million Meters or “Never met a challenge she wouldn’t crush.”

By Alison-

But I am getting ahead of myself. Gloria has been working out with Brian since 2008. That is WAY before me. Gloria has probably done most of the named workouts in CrossFit. She has done ALMOST every challenge (she missed one due to shoulder surgery) in that time period. If there is some sort of physical challenge, chances are she is going to win it. Her perseverance and conviction is stronger than ANYONE I have met.

This January, you might remember it – before the world turned upside down, we started the Million Meter Rowing Challenge. Let’s break it down:

83,333.333 Meters per month

20,8333.3333 Meters per week

2,976.19 Meters per day

That is how I would break it down. BUT we are 8 months and 11 days into 2020 (times flies when you are in a pandemic.) With rough math – 251 days.

3,984.06 Meters per DAY.

Talk about commitment.

Congratulations to Gloria for hitting the Million Meter mark after the workout today – and in general for being a regular CrossFit Oakdale BADASS.

OH – she did a 12 minute plank in case you were wondering. The participants in the challenge would hang out for a bit and plank with her, coming back when they were ready to plank some more. I am pretty sure she gave up because she was bored.

Love you, GLO!

Glo wears a “relentless” on the day she passes 1,000,000 meters! Appropriate

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