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Why am I Mr. Pink?

May 09, 2017

Please make the Tabata work for you: if C2B are tough, do regular pull-ups.  If regular pull-ups are a pipe dream at the moment, swing a heavy kettlebell.  If you are always doing body or ring rows, the heavy KB is a great option to work you pulling muscles and your grip.  If you normally swing the orange, swing the yellow, or even the green.  Ladies, if you swing with Mr. Yellow, but struggle with pull-ups, try Mr. Blue.  Fellas, if you swing the blue, shake hands with Mr. Pink.

Workout of the Day



3 sets of 8, 60% of 1RM


Alternating Tabata

20 seconds of Chest to Bar Pullups

10 seconds to rest/transition

20 seconds of Ring Push Ups

10 seconds to rest/transition

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