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Week of June 18, 2018 and updates to the gym:

June 17, 2018

I’ve been holding onto Monday’s workout since CrossFit.com posted it.  It’s a repeat workout from July, 2006.  That’s the month I started CrossFit, which means I likely did the workout at Harbor Fitness in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  I don’t have a record of my time, because I didn’t post in the comments section at the time.  That’s how we decided who was the fittest in the olden days – you posted your score in the comments section.

Normally, we would do this type of workout mid-week, but Monday is the coolest day of the week.  I would prefer to do 100 pullups when it’s not 100 plus degrees out.  We will Deadlift on Tuesday and continue to Close Grip Bench Press on Friday.  We will also do the Granite Games workouts on Friday and Saturday.

As you have probably noticed, there have been updates to the kids area. We love having your kids at the gym with their little noses pressed up against the plexi-glass:) Our goal is to create an environment where parents and adults can exercise without distraction or worry. Their safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we have made the improvements in the area. 

These improvements have been:

*Tv with DVD player – attached to the wall. The dvd’s in the room are all kid friendly, G-rated shows.

*New carpet and play rugs. 

*Plexi-glass windows for their smushy faces:) – This way they can see you providing a little more comfort if they are new to the room. AND you can check on them without having to interrupt their playtime.

*Closed gate

*All small legos have been removed.

For your convenience we have improved on the area for your children during your workout time. We are not a child care center. In order to make our facility work more efficiently and with safety in mind, these rules must be followed. We understand it make take come time for these rules to be enforced, but look to our parents to make this transition easily attainable. 

During CrossFit class time, children ages 6 and under must be in the children’s  area. This will prevent wandering out of the gym into the parking lot, and onto the gym floor. If your child is older then 6, they may sit outside the room, on the benches. If they go on the black mats, play with equipment (rowers, etc) during the class time, they will have to go into the kids area. 

If children are attending the kids or teens classes, they should only be on the gym floor with a coach. 

With the idea of keeping our room safe and clean, please do not bring snacks  or drinks in to the room.

There will be a sign in sheet, as required by our insurance company. Please make sure you write their names on the list. When dropping off your child to the area, make sure you close the door behind you so that no one gets away!

Let your kids know that we have a “Be Nice Policy” when they are in the area – Nice words and actions only. If you need to attend to your child for a behavior issue, our coaching staff will fully understand. 

When you go to pick up your kids, please clean up any items they have been playing with and put them away. There will be a wipes available for any items that need to be wiped down. 

Thank you so much for your patience during this transition time! Please continue to address any concerns directly to Alison so that they nay be handled promptly. 

Workout of the Day


5 Rounds for time

20 Pullups

40 Pushups

60 Squats

25 minute cap

In this workout, I recommend the jumping pullup, but talk with a coach about your scaling options.

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