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Week of January 29, 2018

January 28, 2018

Pretty standard week at CFO.  Make sure you get signed up for the CrossFit Games Open – the first workout is coming up in about three weeks.

What we do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis prepares us very well for nearly any physical challenge.  While we don’t train for the Open specifically, the Open is CrossFit, and we do CrossFit.  I do want to focus for the next couple of weeks on getting walking lunges into workouts.  A form of weighted walking lunge has come up in the Open the last two years.  For whatever reason, the lunges have crushed me both times.

For the most part, all the squatting we do leads to very strong and durable legs.  A little focus on the lunging skill may prepare us for what’s ahead.  And if we don’t get lunges?  Well, we will get stronger legs, work our balance and better develop our fitness.

We will Squat on Monday, Clean and Jerk on Wednesday and Snatch on Friday.  On Saturday, we will do the classic CrossFit triplet “The Chief.”  Look it up, come up with a strategy, and crush.

Congratulations to Coach Tim on his Masters Degree! Getting better everyday!

Workout of the Day


Back Squat

5 sets of 3, 70%



50′ Overhead Walking Lunge with Plate 45/25 (down and back on the 25′ track)

12 Toes to Bar*

*If you can easily do Bar Muscle Ups, every odd numbered round, perform 3 Bar Muscle Ups in place of the T2B.  Only perform the MU if they do not interfere with other athletes.

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