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Week of April 9, 2018

April 08, 2018

I love these rules for back squat misses: 1. Stay Tight. 2. Fail on Purpose.  First, if you don’t stay tight, and the weight buckles you, that may end with you getting folded like a Greeting Card.  Except instead of a cute message, you can part your hair with a barbell.

Fail on purpose does not really mean go into a lift meaning to fail.  You just need to understand your limitations, understand your sticking point, and have a plan on how to get out of the squat.  If you think you are going to for a 1 rep max, make sure there is no one behind you, and if they are close, make sure they know you are going.

Finally, if you get stuck, hips forward FAST.

We have some one reps max lifts this week – Back Squat on Monday and Deadlift on Friday.  On those days, these will be work to get you ready, but the focus will be the lift.  You should lift heavy, move well, and rest between sets.  I don’t want you feeling rushed because you want to get the good pullup bar or your favorite medicine ball.

Workout of the Day

Hang Squat Clean 60-70%

5 sets of 2

These should be heavy, but not huge lifts.  The idea of to load your spine and legs, move fast under the bar and get squatting.

Back Squat

Establish a heavy single

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