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Week of April 16, 2018

April 15, 2018

CrossFit Oakdale will start a 6 week strength cycle.  We will do the Back Squat on Monday and Deadlift on Friday.

100/75 Calorie Challenge

Our top performers were: Lizzy W with 5:53.  Tim and Jack O tied at 5:23.  June had our biggest improvement with over 1 minute over the attempts.

We had over 21 attempts, which burned almost as many calories as one supersized value meal.

For our next cardio challenge, we will row for 16 total minutes for meters.  This will take a little longer.  Ideally, you will row for 4 minutes, and rest 4 minutes, doing this 4 total times.  I understand you may want to get this over with, so I recommend you rest a minimum of 1 minute between attempts.  So, no less then 1 minute, no more than 4 minutes rest.

Just like the 100 calorie challenge, write your number of meters completed on a slip of paper and put it in the vase.  If you don’t have the time to do the entire piece, do 1, 2 or 3 rounds, whatever you have time to get in.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat

5 sets of 3, 60% 1RM

Push Press 1-1-1

Build to a heavy weight and perform your heavy lift three times in 20 minutes.

Drop the weight on the floor from overhead.  As it gets heavy, strip some weight, do 3 touch and go cleans and re-rack the bar.

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