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Week of April 10, 2017

April 09, 2017

This is week 2 of our current weight training program.  Like I said last week, we will move the lifts around, but keep the rep schemes the same during the week – Monday’s are our 5 sets of 3 days.

Last week, our bench press day on our light day (3 sets of 8) – folks set the weight a little heavy.  You shouldn’t be struggling on these weights – at least not n the first 3 weeks.  In the next 3 week period, the percentages will go up 5%.

We will Squat on Wednesday and Deadlift on Friday.  On Tuesday, we will hit up a heavy squat clean sesh, followed with some heavy thrusters in the workout. 

Workout of the Day


Bench Press

5 sets of 3, 75% of 1RM

Take 8-10 minutes to warm up.  Once you get to your target weight, take 90-120 seconds rest.



20 Air Squats

16 Pushups

12 Calories on Rower

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