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Volume 1 Sarah’s Somethin’ Somethin’

January 08, 2017
All of our coaches have a wealth of knowledge underneath their fun spirited, muscly bodies and they are willing to share it with us. Welcome to Sarah’s Somethin’ Somethin’. Thanks Sarah! We look forward to hearing more on nutrition and training from her in the future.
Sarah’s Somethin’ Somethin’
      I was rounding up “the troops” one time to start a nutrition challenge.  These challenges are always a good time and as I had already gotten one person to sign up, I inquired about their friend. The response I had received was along the lines of, “look at them- clearly, they are doing great on their own. They don’t need this… I need this”… 
Hopefully, by now, we can all agree that the scale is a big liar in the terms of optimal/”goal” weight.  So let’s make “goals” less complicated and more black and white.  What most of us strive for is happiness with our everyday life. Having a hard time buttoning up those jeans,  being winded chasing after those kids, or getting obnoxiously sleepy everyday around 3- are all things that make us UNHAPPY.  Let’s change things in our lives that make us UNHAPPY.  There, within the desire for change and constant chase of happiness, lies the pure GOLD of the nutritional challenges.  You see, the person I spoke with who signed up for the challenge, viewed it at face value. It was purely a physical thing, when, in fact, these challenges are a devotion to focusing on finding our continual happiness and in return, develop a wealth of knowledge that you tap into.  The awesomeness doesn’t stop there: the best part is, what you learn and what you lose (whether it be weight or bad habits), carries past that end date of the challenge and continues to benefit you and your everyday life with HAPPINESS.
So if there is something in your day to day life, that makes you unhappy- let’s see if it’s something we can help with. Have a chat with a coach. Let’s nourish the soul, fuel the machine, and continue to produce some amazing revelations at Crossfit Oakdale… cause we are “Ready for Anything”…

Workout of the Day


Front Squat Double, Week 2 of 8

Take 20 minutes to build to a Front Squat Double.

If you did this last week, drop 20-30 pounds.  We will add back to that total over the next 2 weeks.


6 Rounds for Reps

40 seconds work/20 seconds rest

Push Press 75/55

Chest to Bar Pullups

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