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Think you lift big?

May 15, 2012

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE!  Folks, visit web in the strength/skill portion, like yesterday’s Push Jerks, you get a max of 3 attempts at a weight.  If you miss a weight 3 straight times, you’re done.  Also, be aware of your jumps in weight.  It’s dependent on the lift, but we would rather see 10-20# jumps than 50-90# jumps.

Lifting weights is a meritocracy: if you prove you can move big weight, we’ll let you make big jumps.  If you think you’re capable of moving big weight, ask.  Otherwise, be conservative on your lifts, and live to fight another day.

Jen C recommended “I of the Tiger” from Gawker.com.  It’s a fun, but no BS, blog on the mindset of fitness.  I’ve link his most recent post, Don’t Tell Me About Your Diet.  As tough as author Hamilton Nolan may sound, I haven’t read anything on I of The Tiger that isn’t a belief that I have.  Maybe I need to read it more.  I love the line about the disadvantages of lifestyle #4.

8 Alarmingly Unhealthy Snacks for Kids.  I’ll try to stay of my soap box on this list.  I always enjoy these Yahoo lists, but more as a reminder of how messed up people’s perceptions of health and nutrition still are.  By saying these snacks are “unhealthy”, was there a previous belief that they were “healthy” snacks?  I’m no nutrition saint, and I will admit my kids do eat this stuff.  BUT…I know it’s junk.  Have you ever tasted a “Go-gurt”?  It’s a yogurt for kids, and it so sweet it’s almost harsh on the tongue.  I haven’t had one of those Hostess Chocolate Pies in years, but even then I knew that stuff was chemicals and weird.


Rita’s Superhero power is Post Partum Weight Loss. She is AMAZING! She RX’ed tonight WOD and has been crushing the Eat Well, Live Better Challenge. Keep up the good work, Rita!


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