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Take Your Arms Away

May 18, 2017

So, Alison has informed me that I can get away with one more 2,000 meter row workout.  We taken away your legs – thrusters, wall ball.  We’ve taken away your pushers – push press, pushup/HSPU.  Now we’re going to take away your pullers. At the top of each minute you have the option – perform 1 muscle ups or 3 pull-ups or 5 curls.

That’s right, I said curls.  Grab 2 dumbbells, stand up in the hang, and curl them top to your shoulder.  As the workout progresses, this will tax your pulling muscle and your grip, forcing you to really use your hips on the rower.









Workout of the Day


Back Squat

1 set of 10+, 75% of 1RM


Row 2,000

Options for OTM

1 – 1 Muscle Up

2 – 3 Pullups

3 – 5 DB Curls

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