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Social Media Blackout

September 30, 2016

If by Tuesday you are wondering why your “likes” are down on social media, this what happened to all of the adorable #lucas videos went (I watched a few of them the other day in succession…just can’t get enough) or not as many timehop memories are being posted by others  – it is due to the blackout. The Whole Life Challenge Social Media Blackout. 

For one week we will be logging out of all personal social media. This is not going to be easy for me. I WILL have to draw the line between business and personal. I am also going to up the ante. I have fallen off the wagon once again on my bedtime iPhone game. So silly. I definitely make the excuse of “it is mindless time that I NEED at the end of a busy day.” But it has taken away from the time to read, here draw or journal. Those are the things that help close out my day. NOT staring at a screen, health busting slugs with flowers. 

The Whole Life Challenge is not just about diet. It is about developing parts of you that might have gotten bogged down over the years. I know this week will be hard, but I am looking forward to the challenge. See you in a week…


Workout of the Day


5 Rounds for Time

15 Chest to Bar Pullups

30 Pistols (Alternating)


At 10am we will be snatching as well.


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