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April 11, 2017
  “I’m a Sponge, You’re a Sponge”
   We truly are like sponges.  We absorb all kinds of things throughout a day: food, thoughts, emotions, water, lactic acid (like when we work out).  So if we are like sponges, then we MUST wring ourselves out at least once a day, every day, to ensure that we don’t end up moldy and done before our due time.  This is about the time some of you are asking, “What the hell Sarah?”- and so here are some WONDERFUL stretches to help wring yourself out! 
Start by laying down on the floor, belly-up, and as you take a deep breath in, also bring your right knee to your chest (or however close that is for you).  Then as you release your breath, bring that right leg over your body and to your left side while trying to remain with shoulders on the floor.  You may be able to reach the floor, but if that’s not in the cards for you yet- no biggie.  Settle in here.  Breath in through the nose and as you breath out through your mouth, feel your leg getting closer to the floor.  More importantly, as you breath out, feel your body being wrung out like the sponge that you are- release all you are holding and everything you have absorbed for the day: let it go.  Then, repeat on the other side.
The next one starts in the opposite position of belly down.  To assist in making this stretch in the upper body as well, you may want to extend your arms in a T position, but it’s not necessary.  Breath in and lift your right leg off the floor, and as you breath out, let that right leg bend at the knee and the foot falls down to your left side while trying to keep your chest on the floor.  You are wringing out the mid section- the spine and hip area- but don’t be surprised if this stretch targets quads, shoulders and groin… funny things happen when your muscles are tight.  Again, as you stay in this position, really think about rinsing out your midsection: breathing in through the nose (absorbing more) and breathing out through the mouth (releasing it all).  Then, repeat on the other side.
Hopefully these two stretches help you more then just for tight/achy muscles- I know they do for me.  You may shock yourself with how much you’ve been holding onto for so long… and no sponge deserves that. 
Workout of the Day
3 Sets of 8 at 55% of y our 1RM
9 Hang Clean & Jerks 95/65
35 Double Unders
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