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March 30, 2017
Your Mind is So Strong; It lifts All The Weights
I love hearing about people’s goals at CFO- they span across both the two ideas of wants and needs- but none the less, they are all important.  Attending class at CFO is definitely the first step to achieving  most of the goals I hear of, but there is another aspect that is just as important: mentally priming yourself for success.
There is a quote that I found by Buddha that says it all and unlike me, about it the guy is way more efficient in delivery: “What you think you become”.  How sweet is that?  How real is that?
We get bombarded by images, words, and ideas every day- especially if you’re plugged into social media- and it does have the opportunity to altar the way one thinks or one feels.  Think of what you surround yourself with on the daily and ask if it helps you become closer to your goals, or further away.  We have control to surround ourselves with more positivity throughout our lives.  With the constant influx of encouragement towards these goals of yours, you THINK of them all the time, so you can BE the all the time.
Workout of the Day
Take 15 Minutes to build and then get on it!
Deadlift 8 RM
30 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Power Cleans 
Men 185/Women 115
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