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March 28, 2017
Trick or Treat Yo Self
So I think it’s safe to say that I get a raging sweet tooth once a month- and we will leave it at that.  Now I could go buck-wild and eat all the chocolate in the house, and the bag of powdered sugar, but instead I primarily stick to Nature’s desserts: fruit.  Now, I don’t deprive myself of the real deal, I definitely “treat” myself- but if I treated myself for how long the sweet tooth rages for I’d have real problems… and probably some acne issues.  So as I trick myself and my unrelenting need for sugar, I hit a certain point where just peeling a banana or biting into an apple doesn’t quite cut it.  And that’s where the real trick lies- step the fruit game up!
First we have ice-cream wannabes and they are a blast to be creative with!  Blend some bananas and then pop in the freezer, it will be a delicious frozen treat and can be spiced up by adding some nut butter in the blending process, or toasted nuts on top.  This blended and frozen fruit thing can be used with any variety, but you may need to add in a creamy binder since that is what the bananas do naturally.  So, add the bananas with another kind of fruit to blend, or blend a different kind of fruit entirely and add a bit of full fat coconut milk and then freeze: fat is good, fruit is good- you’re practically eating a salad, right?!
Next we have “crumbles”.  These are basically baked fruit with your choice of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves… be creative with which fruit you use: apples and peaches are my favorite.  I cover them in spices and then bake to let those natural sugars come to rise and then you can top with some toasted nuts… and maybe the toasted nuts are coated in a little bit of honey or maple syrup… you are still making a healthier choice.
Lastly there are “crepes”. Beat a couple of eggs, mix in half to a whole mashed banana, and a little bit of almond flour.  Once it’s a mixed up and batter-like, make some crepes and dice sprinkle some berries on top and enjoy- or, be even more creative then that and enjoy! So when the sweet tooth calls, Treat it a little, deny it some, and Trick it a lot.
Workout of the Day
Snatch  – Any Style
Build to a heavy in 20 minutes
Dumbbell Thruster 50/35 *
Alternating Dumbell Snatch
*You will only need one dumbbell. In the front rack position, hold dumbbell vertically so that each hand cups the bells. (I know.)
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