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November 13, 2017

I haven’t done a Headspace update in quite awhile.  If you haven’t listened to me drone on about it, Headspace is a meditation app.  It provides teaching and guided meditations.  Their goal is simple: to make the world a better place by making people happier and healthier through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is simply awareness of the present moment, without judgement.  Headspace, with Andy, a former Buddhist monk, guides you through meditations with durations of 3-20 minutes.

There are a TON of subjects available. The different “packs” could keep you sitting quietly for months.  Subjects like anxiety, sleep, creativity and focus are some of the first that I tried.

I basically learned about Headspace on a recommendation by Denny, and I started that day.  Sitting quietly, for the first time in years, with Andy “guiding” me, I experienced a quiet mind, maybe for the first time in my life.

I haven’t missed a day in almost 3 years.  It’s that important to me.

I just finished the Prioritization pack.  We all have pretty busy lives – even if we aren’t busy, we may be consumed by information being blasted into our eyes and ears all day and night.  The Prioritization pack addresses the impact of technology in our lives.  The fact that a Buddhist monk is explaining how to lessen the impact of technology on our lives, while using technology to do that, isn’t lost on me.

Workout of the Day


Front Squat

Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes



Power Clean


Men 95, Ladies 65

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