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Non-Fitness, Sports Movie related content ahead, plus a workout

September 06, 2018

Bracket winners:

1 seed Hoosiers advances past Rad in a laugh-er.  Norman Dale, Shooter and Jimmy Chitwood beat whoever was in Rad.  I haven’t even IMDB’ed it.  Sorry.

2 seed Raging Bull knocks out a dog that plays basketball.

3 seed White Men Can’t Jump wins and goes to Sizzler.

The Mighty Ducks take down the San Joaquin cross county runners from McFarland – don’t feel sorry for Costner, he’s got plenty more movies in the bracket.

In the battle of Texas High School Football Movies, Billy Bob and the Perriman Panthers (Friday Night Lights) take down Jon Voight’s…whatever they were in Varsity Blues.

Charlie Sheen in his prime takes down Cruise in his prime as Major League takes down Days of Thunder

Stick It upsets 7 seed He Got Game – because Bryce likes it.  Although He Got Game is pretty good.  Denzel…

And the love letter to Jackie Robinson (42) beats the love letter to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris- just more cultural significance.

Next Up

1 The Natural v 16 Rollerball, 2 Slapshot v 15 BASEketball, 3 Field of Dreams v 14 Gleaming the Cube, 4 Escape to Victory v 13 Talladega Nights, 5 Bad News Bears v 12 Whip It, 6 The Longest Yard (RIP Burt) v 11 The Blindside, 7 Bring It On v 10 American Anthem, 8 I, Tonya v 9 Bloodsport.

Workout of the Day


10 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

10 Handstand Pushups

10 Toes ot Bar

10 Box Jump and Overs 24/20

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