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No “Slop”

September 12, 2017

Tomorrow night is the Whole Life Challenge Meeting at 7:30pm. If you have any questions, they can be answered or definitely researched more after the meeting:) Come and learn about our challenge!

On the back squat- be conservative. They are fairly large sets, and just like the deadlifts, we will be doing this for a few weeks. Squat well, get the right depth and get comfortable with the rep scheme as it is different from what we have done in the past.

On the pull-ups/dips- If 5 is too aggressive of a number, make it what works best for you. If BOTH of these movements are too tasking, 

There are times for “CrossFit Slop” but this is not the time for it. Make each pull or push as powerful as possible.



Workout of the day

Back Squat – 

10 reps @ 50%

10 reps @ 55%

7 reps @60%

7 reps @65%

3 reps @70% 

3 reps @75%



Part 1

OTM 10 Minutes

5 STRICT Pullups

5 Dips


Part 2

90 Seconds of Burpees Max Effort

90 Second Rest

90 Seconds of Burpees Max Effort


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