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No ROMWOD or Open Gym on Tuesday

September 17, 2018

***No ROMWOD on Tuesday***

***No Open Gym on Tuesday***

Ok – our next entry in the bracket

The Natural knocks the lights out of Rollerball.  Sorry, James Caan.

The Hansen brothers of Slapshot foil up and beat the hell out of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s BASEketball.

Field of Dreams sends Gleaming the Cube to the corn.  I have many thoughts on Field of Dreams – many of you own or work in agriculture.  If you wanted to build a baseball field on your property, would anyone notice or care?  Would you become the laughing stock of Oakdale?

Pele kicks out of Ricky Bobby’s shake and bake – Escape to Victory moves on.

The most underrated star of all time, Jackie Earl Haley, and the Bad News Bears push Whip It aside.

RIP Burt.  The Longest Yard edges the Blindside.  Not going to lie, I hate the Blindside.  Loved the book.  Which was really about the creation of the west coast offense to counter Lawrence Taylor.  But what evah.

Kristen and Eliza take out Mitch Gaylord and Wayne Gretzky’s wife as Bring it On advances past American Anthem.

Finally, I,Tonya Gilhooly’s Frank Dukes kneecap and moves past Bloodsport.

Workout of the Day


Parking Lot Run

3 Power Cleans, 1 Overhead Squat 135/85

Parking Lot Run

10 Pullups

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