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Muscle Through

September 04, 2018

On Wednesday, we will do a lift that that we do ALL. THE. TIME. in the warm ups.  But I cannot remember ever doing it in a workout – the muscle snatch.  Here’s why.  I have noticed some receiving the bar with soft elbows. This lift fixes that.  The muscle Snatch also forces you to keep pulling all the way through the lift.  This lift is a violent pull against the ground – you will triple extend and pull, pull and pull.  At some point you will fail – you will either miss the lift, or pull into a power position. I would rather you pull your body down than give up on the lift.  When you miss, the bar will usually stop moving around your eyeballs.  And you will look…wonky.  If you have a lift that looks wonky, that is fine. Lower the weight and smooth out that peanut butter. 

Here’s how you can support a movie you like: wear something with your favorite movie in mind, write a quote or a cool character on the board in the restroom or the chalkboard.  Take a picture and post to IG and FB with the hashtag #cfosports.

You have 2 days – I will post the winners of this bracket and the next bracket on Thursday night.

1 Hoosiers v  16 Rad, 8 61* v 9 42, 5 Friday Night Lights v 12 Varsity Blues, 13 McFarland v 4 Mighty Ducks, 3 White Men Can’t Jump v 14 8 Seconds, 6 Major League v 11 Days of Thunder, 7 He Got Game v 10 Stick It and 15 Air Bud v 2 Raging Bull

Workout of the Day


Muscle Snatch

Build to a heavy single in 15 minutes


10 RFT

30 Doubleunders

5 Power Snatch 95/65

15 minute cap.

If you can’t do DU, do 60 singles.

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