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More Strength

April 19, 2018

Really quick- (This is Alison). Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes, flowers, gifts and hugs today. Every person who comes into CFO means so much to me. I have watched you all grow, and I guess you have watched me grow as an owner too. I couldn’t have a better birthday than to spend it with great people, athletes who strive to get better daily. I am lucky to be a part of such a fantastic group. I have used all of my limited adjectives so I will let Brian take it away with his awesome coaching (I guess I still had one more in the tank.)

This is Brian- This is the second of 2 strength sessions that we will be following for the next 6 weeks.  Monday will be Squat and vertical press, Friday will be Deadlift and horizontal press.

I was talking about meeting the bar at your shoulder on the Clean today.  Greg makes it sound very simple…

Workout of the Day


5 sets of 3, 60% of 1RM

Bench Press


Perform 3 heavy sets once you get your chest nice and warmed up.

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