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Little Change of Pace

July 11, 2017

Wednesday’s workout is a little different.  The strength session is a Clean Grip Deadlift.  You may normally switch grip, but for today, you cannot.  This will help you keep the bar close on your Cleans and Snatch.

For the workout, it’s just a bunch of weighted walks.  This may seem easy – it may be, depending on how good you are at moving heavy stuff.  But it should be a little easier than the efforts on Monday and Tuesday.  Just grab on, have perfect posture, stabilize like a mother grabber and walk.

And gt ready for the warm hell I have coming for Thursday and Friday.

Workout of the Day


Clean Grip Deadlift



5 rounds for Reps

(each 10 yard pass is a rep)

45 seconds of Farmers Carry

15 seconds rest

45 seconds of Slam Ball Hug Walks

15 seconds rest

45 seconds of 1 arm DB OH Walk

15 seconds rest

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