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Little bit of redemption

February 02, 2017

So we did Double Grace this week.  I wasn’t thrilled with my time.  I started out slow and steady, and hoped to gain steam.  The steam never gained and I just finished tired.  This time, I hope to go out of the gates like I’m being shot out of a cannon.  That’s the beauty of this stuff.  Everyday, there is a chance of redemption.

Delicious Abs

Delicious Abs

Workout of the Day


Back Squat

Build to a heavy set of 5 in 20 minutes


4 Minutes

As Many Clean and Jerks as Possible 135/95

Rest 1 minute

4 Minutes

Row for Calories

Rest 1 Minute

4 Minutes

Burpees to 6″ Touch

Score up all your completed reps – there’s your score.

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