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Learning: Bowen Therapy

April 16, 2012

I see fitness as a journey.  No real worthwhile journey is easy.  There are going to be setbacks and missteps along the way.  Hopefully, sale we learn from these situations and we become better for them.


I sustained a (hopefully) minor injury over the weekend at the Good Times CrossFit Invitational.  I was competing for what I would consider a “tune-up” for the CrossFit Games Regionals in a little over a month.  Things were going really well, and my training was really clicking.  Good Times had a  stacked field, with a bunch of Regional competitors.  I took second on the first WOD (the one you’ll do today) and was laying down a smoking score on WOD 2 (the gymnastics ladder we did on Friday).  On my round of 6 ring dips, I took a support position, and felt (and heard) a pop.  My arm came out of position, and it felt weird, like a bee sting.  I went to retake my position, and couldn’t support my weight.  I tried one more time, and tapped out on the WOD and the day.


At this point, looking at Bob and Chance, I was feeling like my Games season was over.  One of the competitors, Travis Cassidy from CrossFit East Sac, called Judy, his Bowen Therapist, and got me a quick appointment.  All he said was “She does K-Star stuff”.  I guess I could have went to a doctor, but I felt like I knew what they would say.  Huge thanks to Travis!


I’ve never heard of Bowen Therapy, and in truth, I’ve never been to a Chiro or had a massage.  Chance and I set out with no idea where we are going, but we somehow found Judy Tewilliger’s place on El Camino in Carmichael.


Judy told me she couldn’t walk on water, but she works with athletes, and she would be able to tell me if I tore something (I thought I ripped my bicep).  Chance was a witness, and Judy basically played me like a guitar.  When we foam roll, we are trying to release tension in our muscle by applying pressure and force to release lactic acid.  Judy did this by massaging the muscle, applying tension, finding the trigger point, and plucking it like a guitar string.  I will never forget this.  Judy slowly worked around my injured arm, plucking away, finding and relieving tension.  I felt like I was drunk, and nearly passed out twice.  She unlocked so much junk, I peed 6 times in an hour.  I will tell you this:  Chance saw me in a state that few have.


By finding the injury spot, Judy was able to asses whether I had torn, sprained or strained my chesticles.  When I walked in, I couldn’t raise my hand to my face, and by the time I left, I felt like I was okay, and on the road to recovery.  I have a massive bruise on my arm, but I can put my hands over my head, which I couldn’t do last night.  I’m a believer.


I will definitely be visiting Judy again in the near future for Bowen Therapy sessions.  I would recommend you give it a try.


In the end, I had a setback, but I learned something I never would have.  That’s ok, right?


Please post to FB if you go to a chiro, get massages, or have experienced anything like Bowen therapy.

Workout of the Day




Work on the Squat Snatch, and receive in the Overhead Squat




1 Snatch

3 Overhead Squat

Men – 135, Ladies – 95

You may catch in the overhead squat for the first snatch.  These weights are challenging, so find a weight that is tough early, but do-able.

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