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June 18, 2017

It’s perfect timing that the extreme temperatures coincides with a transition to heavy weightlifting.  I have been wanting to renew our focus on not only moving the heavy barbell, but doing so repeatedly.  That requires more time to warm up and to recover during sessions.  Starting this week, expect to see multiple attempts at lifts that are at or above your 90%.

That means you will need to give you body and central nervous system time to recover in between lifts.  As opposed to our previous focus – where we did things like  recover from rowing by shooting wall ball shots.

Some added benefits of lifting heavy in the heat: it doesn’t take long to get warmed up.  Usually after a couple of barbell drills, you’ll feel ready to go and be dripping with sweat.  Second, because it’s more sweaty and the bars are warm, hand rips tend to happen easier.  I don’t like rips.  It’s tough to program big workouts with gymnastics or heavy/lots of barbell reps without taking some unnecessary rips.  So we’ll scale back the conditioning and focus on going heavy.

First – we needed to do this anyway.   Second, longer workouts will comeback – I promise.  When it drops below 103 or so.

So, pay attention to Monday’s strength.  All the lifts are important.  Your set of 5 should be heavy – think 70-75% of your 1RM.  The sets of 3 should be in the 80% range.  The sets of 5 and 3 should be tough, almost battles to complete them.  If you have to drop the bar, thats ok, but you need to quickly reset and get ready to go again.

The sets of 1 should feel like a break, but they should be tough because they are heavy.

On Tuesday, we will go overhead.  There will be a conditioning workout of Wednesday, but it will be a work/rest protocol.  On Thursday, we Snatch.

Friday is the going away workout for Coach Chris.  There is only one afternoon workout at 5:00pm.  Please come by, workout hard and send Chris off as we do best – by working hard and sweating.

Throwin’ back to last year’s Summer Slam – more info on the 2017 Slam coming soon! August 19th








Workout of the Day


Squat Clean



Row 500m

Rest 2 minutes

Row 500m

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