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Kelsey By Denny Ferreira

June 16, 2015

KelseyWe all have the physical ability, day in and day out, to provide influence, purpose and meaning to those that we interact with. Be it through the generosity of a helping hand, paying someone a nice compliment or just a smile. We have the physical ability to truly do good for our friends and even our foes.

Now ask yourself, do you or can you, create that same response through your shear willingness to live? Do you radiate life? Is your pure willingness to fight or start over, no matter how meek or grim the circumstances may be, strong enough to create influence, purpose and meaning within others?

Have I personally witnessed this? Almost every Tuesday and Wednesday night coaching the 6:30 class! You damn near need a medal of honor to work out, or even coach, the amazing stories that belong to the participants of that class! Have I shed a tear a time or two coaching? Absolutely! Have I been humbled? You have no idea!

Like I said, there are multiple stories, but there is no better person to exemplify the power and willingness to be functionally better today than yesterday than this spotlighted athlete. The first time Kelsey was in my class I saw this frail young lady with a smile larger than life. In fact, if you have ever worked out with her you know that smile is usually with her the whole time. She was standing behind the group enthusiastic as any giving off this great vibe of energy, excited to get the class started. What I didn’t know is 6 months prior she was fighting for her life. Did I need to know that? Not really. Because the vibrant energy was there!! I was pumped for her! Over the past 6 months span I witnessed Kelsey’s fight to get stronger and move better one scaled rep at a time.

Here’s a little more about Kelsey…?..

How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you?

I was introduced to Crossfit by my brother who lives in Tahoe. I came across CFO just by looking online for a box near by.

I realized I was weak and needed to push myself more after I did Tough Mudder and wasn’t able to complete it. I realized that CrossFit was something I had to do after I complete the first trial class.

What is your first impression ?

I loved how nice and encouraging everyone was. It was a totally different experience than working out by myself in the gym. The workout was pretty hard for me but I felt amazing afterward. That is when I realized I had to do CrossFit.

What do like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?

Everything. I love the people, I love the coaches, I love being pushed to improve.

I have always wanted to…?.. go to medical school

One word people use to describe me: Analytical

Outside of the gym I like to…?.. Ski, hike, rock climb, bike, paddle board

Three things in my fridge: Irish Butter, Steak, Cheese

The last thing you ate: Salad

Something know one knows about me or would be surprised to know: A year and a half ago, I had a reaction to an antibiotic and went into acute liver failure. My body quickly filled with toxins and I needed a liver transplant immediately to stay alive. The combination of how sick I was from the liver failure and all the medication I was on after made me very sick and weak. It was several weeks after my transplant before I could walk again by myself. My goal was to not miss a ski season and by 6 months after I was skiing and at 9 months made it to the top of Half-­–?Dome.

Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale: Anything outdoors

Favorite place to eat: Any place with good steak or seafood

Proudest accomplishment: Probably, when participating in College debate or having

my writing published/noticed. I have done some public policy work in Hawaii and

the governor’s office has considered my recommendations.

If you could invite anybody to dinner: Probably just my closest friends.

Favorite workout attire: Shorts, tank top, my new Reebok CrossFit shoes.

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