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Intensity by Jeff Martin

January 23, 2013

Intensity by Jeff Martin.  Alison and I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and Mikki Martin on Saturday.  I actually had this article on my phone when I met them – I wish I would have remembered so I could have shown him.  I love his writing on The Specific.  5, rx 6 and 7 stand out – the advice is simple, but powerful.

The Open is quickly approaching.  Registration will open next week and before you know it, WOD 13.1 will be announced.  CFO athletes are crushing the barbell right now – we’re seeing PR’s and legit big lifts daily.  As I said before, I’m working lots of burpees into the WODs so we’re ready when they come.  In your extra work, practicing chest to bar pullups, wall ball shots, toes to bar and box jumps will pay dividends.  Oh, and double unders.  Always with the double unders!

5-10 minutes of practice after the WOD is over (so you are warm) will create body awareness when fatigued and prepare you for the WODs in the Open.  Work in sets, nothing huge.  For example: 8-12 Wallball shots on the minute for 5 minutes is pretty good practice.

Please make sure you are not interfering with an on going class and get your extra work in!

IMG_2456 Thanks to Hannah Wessling for this photo!


Workout of the Day

30 Handstand Pushups

40 Pullups

50 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

60 Situps

70 Burpees

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