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He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother

May 31, 2018

Friday will be a test of your 3RM Deadlift, followed by a 3RM Bench Press.

I have been playing with a deficit in my warm ups on the Deadlift days.  For the lighter reps, I like to stand on a 45 pound plate.  This extends the range of motion and forces me to really get my hips down into the lift.  Like the Back Squat, I like to do doubles early and singles as the bar gets really heavy.  I think 405 (4 plates on each side) is a decent target for me.  My warm up sets would look like: 135 x 3 on a plate, 185 x 3 on a plate, 225 x2 on a plate, 255 x 2 on a plate, 275 x 2 on a plate, then singles from the floor of 305, 335, 365, 385, then I take my swing at 405.  That’s about 8 true warm up sets, 5 of which I would consider heavy.

If you don’t wear a belt, consider trying one as you Deadlift heavy.

For the Bench, make sure you have a spotter.  Communicate to your spotter as you get close to your “go for it” set. Verbally communicate – the crazy eyes are fun, but might not get your point across. 

Workout of the Day


Build to a heavy set of 3

Bench Press

Build to a heavy set of 3

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