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Healthy Living Challenge

October 24, 2018

Our Healthy Living Challenge was a little different this time around. Our focus was on creating a sustainable lifestyle to carry throughout your life. Points were earned for keeping up with good practices – relaxation/meditation, hydration, sleep, exercise mobility and diet. The diet portion lasted strictly for 3 weeks, and then you earned points if you kept your top three items out of your diet for the rest of the 3 weeks. Hopefully healthy substitutions were found for those persnickety items that were high in sugar – the crux of most health problems.

Even if you were not in the challenge, you may have taken part in our workout – all three times. Did you PR? McKenna, Michele, Trevor, Danelle, Brian and Alison did:) McKenna added 15 reps to her workout going from 7 + 10 rounds in the beginning to 9 + 21 rounds, both time with a 25# dumbbell.

Katie earned a total of 229 points in the google doc, beating out hubby Damon by 1 point!

Congratulations to Katie and McKenna for their wins!

If you haven’t done your measurements and would like to, Alison is ready to go.

** Don’t forget to pickup a copy of the Oakdale Leader to see our front page article about our Barbells For Boobs Fundraiser! Can’t wait? Read it HERE.

Workout of the Day

OTM 10 – 20 sec on/40sec off Alternating

Handstand Pushup & HOLD

Handstand Walk or Kickup





5M Cap

Rest 5M


Chest to Bar Pullup

Burpee to Touch

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