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Fran VII is in the books

December 02, 2018

Thank you to the CFO community for helping to put together another successful Franniversary!  CFO Oakdale athletes did great.  I will have a full rundown tomorrow night.

There winners were:


1: Armed and Hammered, GnarDof CrossFit

2: Oliver & Company, Certus CrossFit

3: Garage Minds, Unaffiliated


1: Jacked with Tats, CrossFit Merced/Another Level CrossFit

2: Manbun and Mustache, CrossFit AOF

3: Hairy Bears, CrossFit Oakdale/Resident CrossFit

Spirit of Franniversary

Filthy 50s – Leah & Stacey

Workout of the Day

Strength, Week 1 of 3.

Back Squat

5 sets of 2, 80%

Take 10 minutes to build to your weight, and take 2 minutes between each set



10 Burpees

25 Doubleunders

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