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Everything you wanted to know about inflammation, but were afraid to ask

February 01, 2012

I find myself talking a lot about inflammation, purchase as a result of diet and exercise.  It’s usually questions I receive from non-CrossFitter’s like: what is inflammation, and why is it bad?  Does it matter?


Inflammation is actually a good, essential part of life; the response our body gets from exercise, a bump, a cut are forms of acute inflammation.  What we’re trying to halt is chronic inflammation.  I’m not crazy about my answers, so I’m going to do some research on inflammation.  Here’s some of my early reading.


What is Inflammation

How to Tell If You’re Inflamed

The Relationship Between Exercise and Inflammation.


Workout of the Day




9 sets of 3

75% of 1 RM on the minute



5 Rounds

40s Deadlift 185/135

20s rest

40s Burpees

20s rest

Score is the number of reps completed.

If you are competing this weekend, do your burpees so you land, with full control, on a 45# plate (if available).

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