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Eat Well Live Better Challenge Begins at Midnight!

April 23, 2012

Tomorrow starts the Eat Well Live Better Challenge! Are you ready? We are. Sundays are a cooking day in our house. Not me, case but Brian. I take the day off.

On Sundays, more so in the spring/summer/fall, Brian takes a ton of meat and smokes it. His Tri-tip rocks and the chicken thighs are to die for. We normally have those things in stock in our freezer. He added a London Broil and some sausages to todays cook. We use this meat throughout the week in lunches and dinners. Brian’s lunch usually consists of trip tip, apples and bananas and nuts. If there are leftover veggies from the night before he throws those in there too. He is paleo by association.

The weather has been great lately, and will only improve, so the more we can cook outside, the better.

Just a note on this particular challenge. I am calling it the Eat Well Live Better Challenge. Paleo eating has many different levels. Some people are super strict, some people not so much but still call themselves Paleo. This is  more of a Paleo-ish Challenge. It is mostly Paleo, but some of the allowances are in a grey area. I want this challenge to be accessible to all people. The foods I have allowed are the ones that are seen in a lot of the Paleo cookbooks now available as well as popular websites. I am proud of the challengers who have stepped up to the plate.

What a great weather weekend to get down and dirty!! Adele, Bob, Tricia and I hit the mud Saturday morning. I know that Tony, Melissa, Conney, Janet, Michelle, Alexis & Mike did the run. (Please post to comments if you did it and were left off the list) How was it? Love it? Hate it? Wish it was harder? Easier? Surprise yourself? Please share! Post your comments to the Facebook page.

Hello Turkey Legs!
Week 5 of 8: Things should be getting heavy: MAKE SURE YOU ARE WARM. Remember the Tempo!
DeadLift 5RM
100 Double Unders
Run 800M
As Many Plate Burpees for the remaining time.
Score is # of Plate Burpees
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