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CrossFit Oakdale How To: “Sean”

February 08, 2018

On Saturday, we will perform the CrossFit Hero workout “Sean”: 10 Rounds of 11 Chest to Bar Pullups and 22 Front Squats 75/55.  At 9am, we will time cap this workout at 20 minutes.  At 10am, we will like practice Muscle Ups for 10 minutes, then do this workout without a time cap.

At first glance, 10 rounds with 11 Chest to Bar Pullups should jump out at you.  That’s 110 over the course of the WOD, which is a ton.  If you are great a C2B, I recommend breaking the sets early and often.  I feel like I am pretty good at them, and I may go 4-4-3, or 3-3-3-2, with 5 second breaks.  Outside of the first, and maybe the last round, I wouldn’t even attempt a big set.  I might do a big set of 8 or more to get the thing going, and just because I want to get the workout over with at the end.

If you can do C2B, really small sets, with really quick breaks can be very fast.  Singles and doubles with very short breaks may be best.

If C2B are a struggle, but you can do them, maybe lower the number to 7, 5 or even 3.  But focus on that big pull to your chest.  This will be a great test under fatigue in the later rounds.

If you can’t do C2B but can do Pullups, just use the same plan as above with Pullups.

If you can’t do Pullups, I recommend heavy swings to eye level.  This workout is more about the metabolic conditioning that developing the Pullup – so swing away and get uncomfortable.

Here’s the thing – this workout, even though it’s got 100 plus pullups, is actually a squat workout.  At 220 light reps, pacing, efficiency and what you do at the top of the squat is key.

If you can do all sets of 22 unbroken, keep calm and carry on.

For all us mortals, here’s my advice:

Almost any CFO member can handle the squat load.  75/55 is light.  But, as you fatigue, the rest portion at the top of the squat will chew up time.  To “win,” you will want to squat fast, with a short rest at the top.  I would recommend dropping the bar when you begin to slow.  Give the legs a quick kick out, pick it up, and start squatting.  Because the bar is light, and it doesn’t have to travel far, it’s not a big deal to drop it.  I bet 8-7-7 with quick breaks is a fast way to keep yourself fresh in later rounds.

I know the “old Brian” would get tricked into going with big sets early, setting a breakneck pace, only to slow considerably at the end.  If you can handle a round in 90 seconds or less, it may be better to slow to 2 minutes per round early, so you can push the pace on the back end.


Workout of the Day


MisFit Snatch Complex

Squat Snatch – Overhead Squat – Hang Squat Snatch – Overhead Squat



12/9 Calorie Row

6 Burpee Box Jump and Overs 24/20

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